Unicorns have ruled the world (for children) for what seems to like ages. It was dinosaurs, some say it still is, and now it appears that Unicorns are everywhere you look. In any if not all sorts of shops, in all various items and products. On TV, in cinema, on newspapers, magazines and of course all over social media. Another fad, that will come and go perhaps?  Perhaps not.  Will there be another fad, sure there will be, but some “fads”stay and become ingrained for what seems like forever. Unicorns appears to be one.

And cake designs are no different. They obviously follow trends and “fads”.  We have done many Unicorn related birthday cakes and cupcakes, one some examples..

Unicorn Birthday Cake


Unicorn cupcakes










And now here is a sneak preview of our new shop front design, can you guess what the design will be?!!

Its not completed, but for you now, here are some sneak preview photos…

PREVIEW Shop Design Unicorn 1


What do you think?   like it?


And, if you are still with us, here is the final Unicorn bit for you, an offer not to be missed for September only..


Unicorn cake offer


So if you want to take up this offer, then call us 01793 614333, or email info@cakeoholix.co.uk, or of course pop in and see us at 20 Cricklade Road, Gorse Hill SN2 8AA anytime

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