Edible Personalised Cake Toppers; 

Our personalised edible cake toppers can be put on edible icing sheet or rice paper, that allows you to design your very own individual design, with personalised photo and words, and then you apply directly to your own cake or cupcakes.

Our edible toppers are available on A4 Icing Sheets or Rice Paper.
Our edible cake toppers are also available from :-
Icing Sheets: We use the highest quality icing sheets. that are created upon the latest ‘thinner’ sheets of icing that was unveiled at the International Cake Show 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham in November. Not only is the icing better to print upon, but it is easier to peel away from the backing sheet and apply to your cake. The icing sheet now blends in with your fondant/sugarpaste rather than being thicker and rising above the surface like a sticker. Lightly moisten the icing on top of your cake and place the topper directly onto the icing and smooth out, it is really as simple as that!
Rice Paper Toppers: These are printed on Rice/Wafer Paper ready for you to cut out and use, simply cut out with a pair of dry scissors. To get the best results place on white icing as the paper is slightly transparent. Wait for the icing to dry and then moist with a small amount of water to stick the image down. Do not use too much water as they absorb water and may crinkle.
Both of these are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
All of our printed toppers are printed on high definition, using printers that have only been used with edible inks.

Thank you for reading this and if you wish to order your own edible cake topper from us, please fill out our simple to use contact form, and will get back to you.

Alternatively, these edible cake toppers are available from our

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