Individual bespoke birthday cakes created with personality and style at Cakeoholix of Swindon Wiltshire.

When it comes to birthday’s, be it for children or adults, there is always one element that cannot be ignored, the birthday cake.

The birthday cake is believed to have originated from Germany in the late 18th Century where a cake with candles was presented to a child on the their birthday. The child received one candle, for each year they had been alive and another for the hope living another year.

Today, birthday cakes and parties take many different forms. With home baked cakes versus shop bought or professionally hosted parties versus family led celebrations. However, you choose to celebrate, one factor should always be considered irrespective of age be it their 1st birthday or their 100th – what is the best cake design for the individual?

Here at Cakeoholix we have many years experience in bringing your ideas to a real life birthday cake. Looking for some design inspirations? Then look no further that below for some of our examples birthday cakes.

Thank you for reading this and if you wish to order your own birthday themed cake from us, please fill out our simple to use contact form, and will get back to you, to get your cake ordered and made for you.

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