Here are some Frequently Asked Questions FAQ that may help you.

What’s the best way to order from you? The best way is through email, text, call or Facebook message us.

Wedding Cakes, do you offer a “consultation” serviceWe do with a pre-arranged appointment. This consultation is free and can last as long as you require. We can offer you suggestions, tasting of cakes, and design ideas. 

An online shop is available? All our cake toppers etc are available to order 24/7 via our web shop. Found from our main site.  

Do you offer a delivery service? For larger cake orders, especially Wedding Cakes, we do indeed offer such a service, all free of charge, within an agreed distance from Swindon. Delivery, setup up and handover of the cake all in one piece!  

For all other orders, this will be agreed at the time of order for any delivery service, with charges applied if needed. These deliveries would normally be completed on a Friday or more likely a Saturday. 

Where do I collect my cake from? If you do wish to collect your cake/cupcake order yourself, this will be agreed at the time with you directly.

How long in advance do you need to order a birthday cake? We usually need about a week, but if you are really stuck at short notice please again give us a call and we will do our best to help or come up with an alternative! We have in the past managed to turn around a request within a day. But this does depend on our workload at the time of the request, so please do call and we will do our best. 

If I order a birthday cake, how long will it last?
We say most larger cakes will last 3-4 days, but if you need it to last longer than this, then please let us know in advance. 

How quickly can you make a large order of cupcakes?
We can make a large order of cupcakes with very little notice, as we are baking these daily. But please give us a call in this instance, to ensure we get the message and prioritise your urgent order. Once again, this will depend on our workload at the time of the request, so please do call and we will do our best. 

How do I store my cake?
If you have cupcakes then you can just leave them covered in the box. A larger cake will be fine in its box before cutting, but if the sponge is exposed to the air then it’s best for it to be wrapped tightly in cling film. 

Does my cake need to be kept in the fridge?
No, it doesn’t! The cakes are best left at room temperature. The buttercream will be fine at this temp, and the cakes tend to go staler when left in the fridge. 

Do your cupcakes contain nuts?
Some of our cupcakes do, so please tell us if you have any allergies. We cannot guarantee there are no traces of nuts or peanuts in any of our products. 

Do you make vegan cakes?
Yes, we do! Just ask again when ordering that you require this and we will do our utmost to fulfil your order and dietary requirements. 

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